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Overcoming COVID-19

We all are going through uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic and the real question is what will happen after this is done and we can not build enough income to pay off the build up of bills from the stay-at-home order and or prevent late payments on bills and to stop us from being evicted from our property. We know of resources that may can help you financially during this COVID-19 hardship.

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Water Heaters 101

Water heaters.   They can be good, bad, or  very dangerous. They can even cause death.  Gas or Electric water heaters  can be a health issue.







Inspect the site and look for signs like rusted pipes. Previously it was acceptable for water supplies to be made out of galvanized steel. This is now out  dated and should be removed and replaced with new pipes.

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Trees & Bushes

You’ve probably seen homes which have been let go to the point where tall weeds and overgrown bushes have turned the place into a jungle. Not only is this unattractive to passers-by, it is also unsafe. Tall weeds, and untrimmed shrubs are potential fire hazards, encourage crime, and have been known to breed pests.

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