Who is Responsible for Your Home Landscaping?
As a tenant, if you feel your landlord is responsible for caring for your home (regardless of the type of home you live in) before you contact your landlord, it would be best to review your lease.
If your landlord has clearly stated in the lease that the renter is responsible for all yard maintenance, then you as the tenant are responsible for ensuring the grass and shrubs are kept neat and trim. A lease will always have the final word on many landlord-tenant disagreements which could include issues of lawn care.

In most cases landlords, it isn’t practical to expect your tenant to maintain their lawn. As a landlord, you always wish to ensure your property is presentable to future tenants.  Bottom line, you cannot expect your tenants to have the same respect for your landscape investment and therefore, it is best to handle it yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the cost of your lawn services into the rent fee. In this manner, in the end everyone will be happy and your property will look well cared for and presentable.

Here are examples of beautiful landscapes as well as unkempt ones.  The pictures speak for themselves.

Beautiful Landscapes

Ugly Yards & Landscapes